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The pub is a ‘public house’. Arranged performances by known and unknown musicians and bands! O’Ceallaigh Traditional Music Bar is an authentic Irish Pub in the centre of Groningen. O’Ceallaigh was nominated in 2000 for being the most popular bar in Groningen. The name, “O’Ceallaigh” is the original Irish Gealic name for Kelly. With a small bar that serves all kinds of Irish beer and cider you get a personal approach with authentic Irish music.



open stage


in O'Ceallaigh

Every Wednesday starting at 21.00hrs. It’s O’Ceallaigh open stage! Dynamic small stage for singer songwriters, bands and music lovers You can sign-up oceallaigh-openstage@gmail.com or info@oceallaigh.nl

Every second Tuesday of the month: g.u.s. (ukulele) rehearsel.

Every other Tuesday the ukulele group practises in the lounge, of course ukulele enthousiasts are very welcome to join in.


Upcoming Events!

It’s Eurosonic and a large part of the pop/media world is comming up to Groningen!

  • Jan.18   ZEA, Bawrence of Aralia, Combo Koedijk, Flowers, Howrah.
  • Jan. 19 Lewsberg, Ghost Bag, Naive Set, R. de Selby, Hospital Bombers.
  • Febr. 23 from 17.00hrs Robert Pfeiffer, 22.00 hrs The Freelancers
  • Febr. 24 from 17.00 hrs Robert Pfeiffer, 22.00 hrs The Busquitos

O’Ceallaigh’s 25 JUBILEE!!!! friday febr. 23rd & saturday 24 th a full programme with music, drinks & snacks,6 nations- sports and Irish Craic!

Upstairs in the lounge there will be Stew ànd the 6 NATIONS!! kicking off on both days with rugby in the afternoon.



Every Week

The Thefreelancers



  • Every even week from 21.30 hrs. The Freelancers – live music from our house band
  • Every tuesday/oneven: 20.00 hrs. Ukelele in the lounge with M.C.Paul
  • Every wednesday: open stage
  • Every Sunday from 17:00 hrs.: Trad. Irish Seisiún!

Our bar

  • Old Mouth Cider (Ohld-moot-sy-der)
  • Apple cider blended with passion fruit juice.
  • Apple cider blended with passion fruit juice.
  • Blind Pig (Blueberry and Oaked Spirit Flavored Cider)
Final Stage

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